Video: HD DVD Truck Stops by 'The Today Show'

Posted Tue Oct 10, 2006 at 10:15 AM PDT by

The HD DVD Promotional Group's Mobile Experience Tour made a pitstop at NBC's 'Today Show' this morning en route to the Javits Center in New York City where it will be parked through the weekend as part of the Digital Life Expo.

Fronted by tech analyst Omar Wasow, who was identified as a paid consultant for HD DVD, the format was pitched as the more "mass consumer device" compared to Blu-ray, which Wasow described as likely to be "more popular with gamers."

Note that although Al Roker states (incorrectly) that HD DVD is "hitting stores today," this clip *is* from this morning's 'Today Show':

(click the play button below to watch)

'The Today Show' is produced by NBC Universal, which also happens to be a primary backer of the HD DVD format.

As we've previously reported, the HD DVD Mobile Experience Tour is criss-crossing the U.S. this fall in a 18-wheeler "home theater truck" designed to show off the next-gen DVD format. The tour is the centerpeice of the North American HD DVD Promotional Group's aggressive $150 million multimedia marketing campaign to boost awareness of the format.

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