Bryan Singer Revs Up 'Superman Returns' for High-Def DVD

Posted Mon Jun 12, 2006 at 02:32 AM PDT by
Superman Returns Though it won't even hit theaters for two more weeks, 'Superman Returns' director Bryan Singer already has big plans for the film's home video release, including utilizing the latest in high-def DVD technology.

In a new interview at The Hollywood Reporter, Singer gave the trade paper a sneak peek at what fans can expect when the film hits home video (tentatively) this November

According to the director, he plans to integrate the interactive "In-Movie Experience" feature (recently found on Warner HD DVD release of 'Constantine') on 'Superman Returns,' which will allow users to watch extensive making-of footage, behind-the-scenes interviews and other material simultaneously to the main feature.

Singer also says the online "weblogs" that have been posted on will be included, as well as a possible major deleted sequence from the film that could potentially be reinstated as part of an expanded cut of the film.

'Superman Returns' is set to hit theaters on June 28. No exact release date or official announcement of an HD DVD or Blu-ray release is expected from the studio until later this summer.
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