'Mission' Raises Bar for High-Def Easter Eggs

Posted Mon Oct 30, 2006 at 10:02 PM PST by
Mission: Impossible 3

A few weeks back, we reported on the increasing number of easter eggs that have begun to appear on Blu-ray and HD DVD disc releases, and now it seems the hunt is truly on with this week's egg-filled release of 'Mission: Impossible III' from Paramount.

Hitting stores as a both a stand alone release and as part of the as part of the 'Ultimate Missions' box set, fans have spotted no fewer than four easter eggs in 'Mission: Impossible III' on HD DVD, with the Blu-ray getting even more with seven(!). Detailed instructions for locating the eggs discovered so far can be found in our in-depth reviews of 'M:i:III' on Blu-ray and 'M:i:III' on HD DVD.

We should note that the four hidden features common to both formats can also be found on the standard-def DVD of the film, which was also released yesterday. The three additional exclusive Blu-ray eggs, however, have not yet been reported on the standard DVD edition.

And while some fans may find the concept of "hunting" for bonus features annoying, they appear to be here to stay on high-def -- at least for now.

The egg frenzy on 'M:i:III' follows such recent egg-infused high-def titles as Paramount's 'The Italian Job,' Sony's 'The Benchwarmers' and Universal's 'Serenity,' suggesting that the studios are beginning to fully embrace the concept of hidden supplements on high-def disc releases much the same as they have on DVD.

We'll keep you posted on all future titles containing easter eggs as they are discovered, and we've even added a dedicated section to all our reviews for hidden supplements. So, if you spot other easter eggs on Blu-ray or HD DVD releases, send us an email using our tips and submissions form, and we'll credit you for the find here on the site.

You can also discuss the 'M:i:III' easter eggs in the dedicated threads we've set up for both editions in our new Forums area -- click the following links to discuss the 'M:i:III' Blu-ray release or the 'M:i:III' HD DVD release.

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