More High-Def Easter Eggs Spotted

Posted Mon Oct 2, 2006 at 08:12 AM PDT by
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Last week we reported on the discovery of a hidden easter egg in the HD DVD release of 'Serenity,' and asked our eagle-eyed readers to send in any additional high-def eggs you've spotted.

Well, your emails are in, and it turns out that there are at least three more high-def discs with easter eggs on the market, including the very first reported Blu-ray easter egg.

Josh Zyber writes: "'The Benchwarmers' Blu-ray also has an easter egg. Highlight 'Special Features' and press Up 3 times. The baseball icon that appears will take you to a dumb clip of Jon Lovitz singing the National Anthem. This was also an easter egg on the DVD."

Meanwhile, an anonymous tipster reported this egg on the HD DVD version of 'The Italian Job': on the "Extras" submenu, highlight the top bonus feature option (the "Driving School" featurette), then click your remote's top-left (Northwest) diagonal button. A little van icon will appear to the right of the menu. Then click "Enter" on your remote, and you'll be taken to a five-minute outtake reel featuring actor Seth Green improvising a stream of in-character monologues.

Finally, David pointed our attention to this easter egg on the 'Friday Night Lights' HD DVD: from the disc's main menu, scroll down and highlight the "Extras" option. Then click your remote's Left button twice. A hidden 'Friday Night Ligths' helmet icon will appear. Click "Enter" on your remote, and you'll be taken to a short clip of director Peter Berg paying tribute to his long-suffering assistant.

We should note that none of the above easter eggs are HD-exclusive (each originally appeared on the standard-def DVD releases of these titles), but hey, it's a start...

If you've spotted other easter eggs on Blu-ray or HD DVD releases, send us an email using our tips and submissions form, and we'll credit you for the find here on the site.

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