Dexter Season Six Release Party and Sound Mixer Interview

Posted Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 11:15 AM PDT by

by Michael S. Palmer

To celebrate 'Dexter: The Sixth Season' coming to Blu-ray on August 14, Dolby Laboratories threw a release party this week at the famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 'Dexter: The Sixth Season', presented by Showtime and Paramount Home Entertainment, features a lossless 5.1 Dolby TrueHD soundtrack. Alas, there were no dead bodies like last year (or the year before), but we did have Cuban sandwiches as well as a two remote controlled yachts smashing into the poolside every few seconds. All in all, it was a fun evening.

I spent a few minutes chatting with Dolby's Craig Eggers about all things Dolby. First, we can expect to see some ATMOS updates within the next few months, including which upcoming films will be mixed in the format. As previously reported, Dolby premiered AMTOS at 14 US locations with Disney-Pixar's 'Brave', and will be working with cinemas to, hopefully, install 1,000 ATMOS locations by the summer of 2013. Still no word on ATMOS for the home.

Dolby Advanced 96K Upsampling, as tested by Mr. Josh Zyber and myself, will also announce a few new Blu-ray titles, most likely concert films. Advanced 96K Upsampling seems to be growing more in Asian markets, so those who like to import from China and Japan, you might want to keep your eyes peeled.

Craig and I also spent a few minutes chatting about the state of Blu-ray and high definition audio. Craig estimates we will see one more optical disc format to handle 4K or UHDTV. Another bright spot for audio comes courtesy of Dr. Dre; it's great to see people listening to full-sized headphones that provide an enhanced audio experience over earbuds.

After chatting with Mr. Eggers, Dolby was kind enough to hold short interviews with Peter Elia (Sound Re-recording Mixer) and Kevin Roache (Sound Re-recording Mixer) to talk about the Dolby TrueHD track on 'Dexter: The Sixth Season'. Here's the final video:

High Def Digest: Dexter Season 6 on Blu Ray in Dolby TrueHD from Dolby Laboratories on Vimeo.

Pick up 'Dexter: The Sixth Season' on Tuesday, August 14. 'Dexter: The Seventh Season' premieres on Showtime September 30th along with the second season of 'Homeland'.

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