'Disney Infinity': Let's Play Disney Properties Anywhere, Anytime

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Disney Infinity Initial Cast

Polygon describes the upcoming "game platform" as a combination of 'Minecraft' and 'Just Cause,' but filled with Disney and Pixar characters.

The details relayed by Polygon come ahead of the official January unveiling.

Disney's impressive history has rarely seen success in the game industry, but 'Disney Infinity' seeks to change the game by bringing an ever-present and growing "game platform" to players on consoles, tablets, and smart phones.

From Polygon, "The concept as explained in one of the videos we received, is to reinvent the way video games tell stories by handing off the controls to the players... Not all characters will be able to do all things in the game. Some, for instance, will be able to ride mounts or drive cars, while others won't. The breakdown of supported actions include an eclectic mix of more than 30 abilities like invisibility, super damage, swimming and ranged combat.

"While the game will include pre-created game modes, like soccer or king of the hill or even capture the flag, and pre-created cities and settings, a core value of the game is that players won't be forced to do anything."

The article seems to highlight three main details, first is the sandbox of gameplay that will be made available, the nature of each new Disney character being served as a possible update among others, and the idea that the platform, 'Disney Infinity' will continue to exist and be updated for the foreseeable future.

Source: Polygon

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