"High-Def Digest-Digest" - November 5, 2010

Posted Fri Nov 5, 2010 at 10:45 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Carefully compiled by Dick Ward

Afraid you might have missed some recent HD news? Starting today, we're running regular issues of the "High-Def Digest-Digest" (like Little Caesars of course!). In each installment, we'll be gathering together the juiciest news, Blu-ray announcements, and more in one handy little news item, so you'll never miss a thing.

Blu-ray News:

'El Mariachi/Desperado' & 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' Blu-rays Detailed
What a great set of movies, and as you'll often see with films by Rodriguez, special features abound. You'll get commentary, 10 Minute Film School, and one feature that you just can't miss - 10 Minute Cooking School.

'The Incredibles' Coming Soon to Blu-ray!
It's about time! Pixar's superhero flick is going Blu and we couldn't be more excited.

'Alice in Wonderland: 60th Anniversary Edition' Announced for Blu-ray
As if the high definition version of one of Diney's finest works wasn't enough, you'll get special HD features, a newly discovered song cut from the movie and a never-before-seen intro by Walt Disney himself.

'Network' & 'All The President's Men' Dated for Blu-ray
Don't be "mad as hell," these two excellent and important films are finally making their way to high definition and include commentary, documentaries, interviews and more.

Get More out of Your 'Avatar' Blu-ray with BD-Live!
If you're not getting the Panasonic Exclusive 3D Blu-ray or the 3-disc Collector's Edition, you can still get more 'Avatar' from the new BD-Live special features.

Packaging Instructions for Your 'Back to the Future' Blu-rays
"These cases reeeeeeally suck."

The DVD2Blu Program Now Lets You Trade in Any DVD You Own!
Trade in the absolute worst DVDs in your collection for a nice discount on Blu-rays from Warner.

Other News:

Things are Fixed with Fox, Cablevision and DISH
Everyone can watch their Fox channels again, but Cablevision sure isn't happy about it.

Gucci Joins the 3D Glasses Game
Sure $225 is a lot to pay, but you'll look good for two hours. In the dark. Facing a screen.

HP's 3D ENVY Laptop is Available Now
If you absolutely have to have your 3D Blu-rays on the road, the ENVY is the way to go.

Could We See a Future of Dish-Free Satellite TV?
Flat antennas and microchips are the solution according to one Dutch researcher.

Netflix Testing Streaming Plans - Other Subscription Fees May Rise
If these test plans are any indicator, you'll soon be paying even more to get your Blu-rays from Netflix.

Bonus View:

Absolutely Badass! Win the 'Alien Anthology on Blu-ray
Make Josh laugh, win a $140 Blu-ray box set. Did you get your entry posted in time?!

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