High-Def Digest-Digest: September 28th

Posted Wed Sep 28, 2011 at 02:00 PM PDT by Dick Ward

by Dick Ward

We've announced plenty of interesting new Blu-rays in the past few weeks. We've also interviewed the cast and crew of 'Jurassic Park,' taken a look at some new gear, and covered the incredibly fast moving world of streaming content. That's a lot to read in just 14 days, so we've compiled the greatest news hits of the last few weeks into one simple digest.

Blu-ray News

HDD Interviews the Cast and Crew of 'Jurassic Park'

That's right, our own Michael S. Palmer got to talk to some of the people behind the scenes on one of the biggest movies ever made, including CGI master Dennis Murren and Ariana Richards who played Lex in the first two films.

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2' Blu-ray Announced and Detailed

The incredibly patient fans - or the ones who don't mind double dipping on some of the movies they own - can pick up the second part of the final installment on November 11th.

Disney Will Make All The Blu-ray Money It Can!

Disney has been pretty consistent with Blu-ray releases and the company isn't planning to stop any time soon.  CFO Jay Rasulo says that physical media won't last forever, but Disney's going to embrace it while it's around.

'Captain America: The First Avenger' Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D Dated and Detailed!

The best superhero movie of the summer hits Blu-ray in standard and 3D formats on October 25th along with commentary, features and cast interviews.

'Super 8' Blu-ray Date, Details, and Box Art Revealed

J.J. Abrams wrote one hell of a love letter to Steven Spielberg with 'Super 8.'  As you might expect, a blockbuster film like this comes with plenty of bonus features.  You'll be able to pick it up on November 22nd.

'Jet Li Collection' Announced for Blu-ray

'The Legend,' 'Fist of Legend,' and 'Tai Chi Master' all in one collection for a MSRP of $24.99.  Not a bad setup for Jet Li and martial arts fans.  Get it on October 11th.

Gear and Industry News

Dish Network Launches the Blockbuster Movie Pass Streaming Service

The two companies have launched one of the most impressive streaming services around and it's just $10 a month.  The downside?  For now, you have to be a Dish Network subscriber to get it.

Logitech Harmony Link Makes your iPad or Smartphone a Universal Remote

The new device from Logitech lets you use your touchscreen device as a remote for your home theater.  There are a few extra bonuses in store for iPad users.

Xbox TV is Coming for Christmas

You'll be able to get TV directly to your Xbox starting at the end of this year.  Full details are yet to be announced, but with the right price structure this could be enormous.

Best Buy Earnings Fall Dramatically

Things aren't looking great for the retail giant thanks to decreasing sales.  The installation of more than 100 new mobile stores offset that number a bit, so things may not be as dire as they seem.

Netflix CEO Apologizes for Changes, Then Makes Renting More Complicated

Oh Netflix.  We have such a love/hate relationship, but this move is really trying our patience.  DVD/Blu-ray content has been split off into a company called Qwickster, which means you'll have to subscribe to two services instead of just one.  Great.

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