Disney Will Make All The Blu-ray Money It Can!

Posted Fri Sep 23, 2011 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The company sees a move to a digital marketplace as inevitable, according to the company's CFO.

There's a lot of nay saying when it comes to retail sales of media. CDs are disappearing from stores and PC games are all but gone thanks to digital distribution. The unsure footing of retail isn't going to stop Disney from continuing to rock out Blu-rays while there's a market.

Jay Rasulo, the CFO of Disney, says that the company is going to keep pushing out Blu-rays along with DVD and digital copies of the movie. Disney has one of the best conversion rates in the industry - that's the ratio of physical copies sold compared to box office performance - so they're not about to leave all that money behind.

Rasulo says that there's no question that the retail media market is disappearing, but says that there's no telling yet just how fast. "We are maximizing Blu-ray for whatever it is," he says, "But clearly, over time, this is a market that is moving over to digital."

Source: Home Media Magazine

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