High-Def Digest-Digest: February 7, 2011

Posted Mon Feb 7, 2011 at 12:55 PM PST by Dick Ward

The Super Bowl is over you're running high on the victory of the Green Bay Packers or wallowing in the defeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Either way, isn't it about time you caught up on all the news you missed while tracking down green and yellow body paint?

Blu-ray News

'The Fighter' Announced for Blu-ray
It's still wrapping up its theatrical run, but 'The Fighter' has already been announced for a Blu-ray release of March 15th.  Supplements will include deleted scenes, commentary and more.

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1' Blu-ray Announced
The penultimate (that's how you use that word correctly) film in the 'Harry Potter' series is hitting Blu-ray on April 15th along with behind-the-scenes footage, commentary and a few documentary featurettes.

'Taxi Driver' Announced for Blu-ray
It's about time the Scorsese classic went high-def.  'Taxi Driver' is one of the most highly rated and overly quoted films in the history of the medium and it's hitting Blu-ray on April 5.

'127 Hours' Announced for Blu-ray
James Franco stretches his acting wings in the Oscar nominated '127 Hours.'  In addition to the film you'll get commentary by Danny Boyle, deleted scenes and more when the film comes out March 1.

'Ernest Goes to Camp/Ernest Goes to Jail' Blu-ray Announced
Ernest goes to Blu-ray on March 22 with a double pack of 'Ernest Goes to Camp' and 'Ernest Goes to Jail.'  Admit it, you'll gladly shell out the $14.95 for Electroman and the turtle song.

Best Buy Pushes Blu-ray Exclusives!
Best Buy wants to be your Blu-ray shop of choice and they've got the exclusive Blu-ray releases to prove it!

Blu-ray Players Could Sell For Under $40 This Year
Blu-ray players are getting cheap, but this year we could be seeing ridiculous new lows.  At $40, nobody has an excuse NOT to own one.

Other News

The Comcast/NBC Deal Approved by FCC, Justice Department
You know that deal that's constantly parodied by '30 Rock'?  It's finally approved and Comcast is taking over...everything.

Sharp is Bringing Back Pioneer's Elite TVs
Well they're trying to anyway.  Elite LCDs are in the works from Sharp with Pioneer's blessing.  No word yet on a return of the Elite plasma.

High-Def Digest Takes a Trip to Paramount to see Behind the Scenes of 'The Ten Commandments'
Michael S. Palmer gets extracurricular with a trip to Paramount where he gets all the details on restoring the classic film and an inside scoop on the special features.

'Let Me In'-terview: Director Matt Reeves Talks About His Vampiric Masterpiece
Oh c'mon, that's a clever title.  Check out Matt Reeves talking about the most critically acclaimed vampire movie in ages.

'Let Me In'-terview: Richard Jenkins On Playing a Murderous Fiend
Drew Taylor talks with 'Let Me In' star Richard Jenkins about his role in the film, his upcoming work and more.

The Bonus View

Sundance Review: 'Red State'
Aaron Peck went to Sundance and reported in with a series of posts including a not-so-shining review of Kevin Smith's 'Red State.'

SRS Volume Control Fails to Control Volume
Josh Zyber hooks up an external volume controller that promises normalized sound.  What he gets is a surprisingly complicated setup that achieves absolutely nothing.

Sony Reveals the PSP2 - Hot Damn It's Impressive!         
Dick Ward breaks down Sony's new handheld and comes away impressed.  The one big question is the price.

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