High-Def Digest-Digest: September 13, 2011

Posted Tue Sep 13, 2011 at 12:00 PM PDT by Dick Ward

by Dick Ward

So you went out and had fun on Labor Day weekend instead of sitting inside and keeping up on the latest Blu-ray and gear news and you're looking for some  way to parse through the last two weeks worth of information without having to read every single story we've posted.  Well we've set up the High-Def Digest-Digest just for that purpose.  You're lucky we like you.

Blu-ray News

'The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition' Dated for Blu-ray
Now here's a movie that doesn't get enough love.  'The Rocketeer' is a great flick by Joe Johnston, who also directed 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and 'Jumanji.'  You'll be able to pick it up on December 13th.

'Adaptation' Blu-ray Announced
Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper star in this movie penned by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze.  'Adaptation' is a must have for any fan of quality writing and unique movies.

'Fright Night - 3D' Blu-ray Preorder Live and $5 Coupon
'Fright Night' - the new one, not the old one - is already up for preorder on Amazon.  It stars Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin of 'Star Trek' fame and The Doctor himself David Tennant.

More 'Star Wars' Blu-ray Meddling Confirmed
It's sad to say, but we're soon going to be looking back with fondness at the special edition versions of the holy trilogy.  George Lucas has played with his trilogy again.  While some of the changes aren't too bad, adding another Vader "Nooooooooooo!" is really starting to push it.

'Farscape: The Complete Series' Bound for Blu-ray
'Farscape' is one of those sci-fi shows that just didn't get enough love when it was on.  Fans of the show will be able to pick up the full 88 episode series, along with 15 hours of bonus features, on November 15th.

Gear and Industry News

Sony Announces Consumer 4K 3D Projector
It looks like 4K is finally on the way.  You'll have to settle for upscaled content for now of course, but Sony's new 4K projector can take care of that.  You'll have to shell out $30,000 for the projector when it comes out.

Toshiba's 55 Inch Glasses-Free 3D TV Hits Europe in December
European countries are getting first dibs on the glasses-free experience with this impressively large 3D set.  Early adopters will surely nab this up, but only time will tell whether this technology is something that can work on a larger scale.

Dish May Launch Blockbuster Streaming Service in October
Sources say that we'll have our first real Netflix competitor next month courtesy of Dish Network and the recent Blockbuster acquisition.

Netflix Goes Live in 43 New Countries
Latin America has gotten access to the popular streaming service for around the same price as those in the US.  It should be interesting to see how well it does and whether Netflix is equipped to truly go global.

LG, Sharp, and Philips Working on a Smart TV App Standard
By pooling their resources and working on one standard for all smart TVs across three companies, app makers will have a much wider audience to sell to.  This should encourage developers to make more apps for these otherwise unpopulated marketplaces.

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