Bonus View Digest - January 4, 2013

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There's no stopping it. Winter is in full effect. When you wake up and your pipes are frozen (like mine) you realize there's nothing better than snuggling up in some warm clothes to read about movies online. It's a good thing we're here, right?

Monster Madness

We've moved onto the second round in Monster Madness. If you haven't been voting, here's your chance. We had a handful of interesting match-ups this week.

Cloverfield vs. Godzilla – Chucky vs. Tire

Balrog vs. The Mist Walker – Darkness vs. Predator

Blu-ray News

There wasn't a lot of new stuff that came out the last week of 2012. Josh covered all of the new Blu-ray releases in his Blu-ray Highlights column. Although, there is one release you might want to check out and that's 'Looper.'

Are you a fan of fancy packaging? Check out the new UK steelbook for 'Skyfall.' Man, it looks good.

Theatrical News

Luke reviewed the new Quentin Tarantino flick, 'Django Unchained.' Check out his review to see if Tarantino is still at the top of his game or if he's slipping a bit.

In the Trailer Park we checked out new trailers for the 'tween crowd. Find out if 'Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,' 'Beautiful Creatures,' or 'The Host' interests you.

Home Theater News

Do you use your smart TV's apps? That's a question we posed this week. So many televisions come equipped with the same application power as our smart phones. We were wondering if you take advantage of it, or if they sit there gathering digital dust.

Special Features

The Weekend Roundtable this week was New Year related. Thinking ahead to the rest of 2013 we were wondering what your wishes were for you home theater system. What kind of equipment do you want to buy? Do you want to renovate a brand-new home theater, or do you like the way things are now?

That's it for this week. Continue to follow along with us during the next few weeks as we cover the latest and greatest in the world of television, movies, and HD gear. We'll also be covering the Sundance Film Festival in its entirety come January 17th.

So, here's to the New Year, and to the thought of warmer weather only a few months away...

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