'Superman Returns' Tops Amazon's 2006 High-Def Best Sellers Lists

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Seems each day brings a new list this time of year, and today is no exception with news of Amazon's year-end best sellers lists. The online shopping giant released two separate lists in the high-def category this year, listing the top 100 best-sellers on HD DVD and Blu-ray.

Taking the top spot on both lists is Warner's 'Superman Returns,' which hit both HD DVD and Blu-ray in November to much praise from critics and fans alike (our own Peter Bracke included it in among his list of the year's ten best high-def disc releases).

The similarities between the two lists pretty much end there, however. On the Blu-ray side, all of the remaining top ten titles are from Blu-ray exclusive studios, with 'The Fifth Element' coming in at the #2 spot, followed by (in chronological order): 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' 'The Terminator,' 'Underworld - Evolution,' 'Black Hawk Down,' 'House of Flying Daggers,' 'Ice Age: The Meltdown,' 'Kingdom of Heaven' and 'X-Men:The Last Stand.'

Meanwhile, the top ten HD DVD best-sellers are a mix of HD DVD-only titles, as well as several titles that have been released on both formats, with 'Batman Begins' coming in at #2, followed by 'Serenity,' 'Apollo 13,' 'V for Vendetta,' 'The Last Samurai,' 'Mission: Impossible - Ultimate Missions Collection,' 'The Bourne Supremacy,' 'Miami Vice' and 'The Phantom of the Opera.'

Conspicuously missing from the top ten of both lists is 'Mission: Impossible 3,' which was touted last week by Paramount as the year's top-selling high-def disc. Of course, Amazon's list is by no means definitive (it reflects only purchases made on Amazon), and 'M:I-3' did place at #13 on the Blu-ray list, and #19 on the HD DVD list.

Note also that while Amazon does provide these ranked lists, they do not disclose the actual numbers of units sold, so we have no way of telling the divide between the highest and lowest selling discs.

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