Bonus View Digest - Jan. 11, 2013

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January is flying by. We've got a ton of stuff planned for this month. New features, film festival coverage, and contests. It's going to be a great couple weeks at The Bonus View.

Before we get into this week's Bonus View Digest we just wanted to remind you of the 'Looper' contest we have going right now. Head on over to the contest and enter a free copy of 'Looper on Blu-ray. Today is the last day you can enter.

Monster Madness

This week's battles were tough ones. Make sure to keep voting in the Monster Madness Tournament so we can eventually find out who is the toughest S.O.B. in the movie monster world.

Fell Beast vs. Giant Squid – Kothoga vs. Samael

Vermithrax vs. Xenomorph Queen – Killer Rabbit vs. Bat Gremlin

Blu-ray News

Were you wondering what Blu-rays to pick up? Well, Josh covers all of the new releases in our Blu-ray Highlights column. We hope that you give 'Dredd' a chance. You might have thought that it was only a generic action movie, but it's much more fun than that.

Home Theater News

Josh continues the renovation on his new place in order to put a custom home theater in the basement. Check out his progress with this week's post about plumbing troubles.

Theatrical News

First up we have the new movie releases hitting theaters this week. Bryan Kluger lets us know what he thought of 'Gangster Squad,' 'A Haunted House,' and 'Not Fade Away.' Find out if any of them are worth seeing.

We've also started a new feature here on the blog. Luke and Aaron are pretty competitive, and they've come up with a way to incorporate their friendly rivalry into a game about movies. It's called Box Office Pick'em. Each person tries to amass the most box office bucks by picking a roster of movies each month. Click on the link above to find out the details and to follow along.

The Oscar nominations were announced yesterday. Did your favorite movies get nominated? Snubbed? Check out the full list of nominees now.

Sundance Film Festival

Aaron will be headed to Sundance next week. Earlier in the week he posted his tentative schedule for the 9 days he'll be there. It's absolutely packed with movies to see. Check out his schedule and see if there are any movies you're excited to hear about.

Special Features

The Weekend Roundtable this past week focused on Underrated Movies of 2012. What were some of the movies that you thought didn't get enough love? In the Mid-Week Poll we were curious to see what sort of electronics failures you've had over the years. Care to share your story with us?

That's it for this week. Remember stay tuned, because all next week we'll be heading to the Sundance Film Festival, bringing you all the latest independent movie news, along with what the festival atmosphere is like. It should be a good time.

Thanks for joining us for another week. Stay warm Bonus View readers! One last reminder about our 'Looper' contest. Enter to win a free copy of the movie now!

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