Surgical Resident Examines Film & TV Medical Scenes for Accuracy

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A new Wired video puts the accuracy of your favorite medical scenes in movies and TV shows to the test.

While Dr. House and Dr. Grey usually seem to be in control in the operating room, do doctors on the big and small screen really know what they're doing once they've scrubbed in? That's the question posed to an actual surgical resident in a new amusing video from Wired.

In the piece, Annie Onishi, a general surgery resident at Columbia University, breaks down 49 medical scenes from numerous movies and TV shows, commenting on the accuracy of the tactics and jargon used while addressing just how true-to-life common on-screen doctor tropes really are. The titles featured range from the relatively realistic (The Knick, House, Grey's Anatomy, Rookie Blue) to the flat-out ridiculous (BASEketball, Spies Like Us), and the conclusions are sometimes surprising. For instance, it turns out doctors really do yell "stat!" all the time, but apparently surgeons rarely feel the need to scream "we're losing him!" 

Check out the full Wired video below!

And here's a couple of corrections per Wired:

3:12 The recommended dosage depends upon the make and model of the defibrillator. When used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations, 200J is not an outdated dosage, and is not considered ineffective. According to the American Heart Association's Guidelines for CPR & Emergency Cardiovascular Care, "it is reasonable to use the manufacturer’s recommended energy dose for the first shock. If this is not known, defibrillation at the maximal dose may be considered." Source:

5:23 We misidentified the type of worm in the Grey's Anatomy episode. It was actually Ascaris lumbricoides, not Strongyloides

Source: Wired (YouTube)

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