'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' Coming to the iPad

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IGN gives the iPad version high marks with one caveat.

Close to ten years since its debut on the original Xbox 1 and the BioWare classic RPG 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic' is coming to the iPad. Unlike its much woefully maligned sequel and the current want-to-be 'World of Warcraft' like 'Star Wars: the Old Republic' MMO, 'KotOR' is one the best games of the past ten years.

Gameplay is presented from a third person perspective, and the player controls a four character party. Combat is built on a modified version of d20 dice rules of 'Dungeons and Dragons' origins which allows for pausing combat to issue commands, and the game introduces a previously unexplored era of 'Star Wars.'

The game was originally released on the old Xbox 1, the PC and the Mac. IGN is describing the game's transition to the touch as mostly positive. Inventory navigation gets high marks, while battle and conversation options can be a bit tougher. Moving around, an important part of a game that involves as much walking around as more modern BioWare titles such as 'Mass Effect' and 'Dragon Age: Origins,' is the lone issue, with the screen often being obstructed by the user's hand.

In-game visuals are said to pop, while pre-rendered cutscenes suffer from lower resolutions. IGN suggests that the games auto-brightness setting be toggled off in favor of a manually setting.

A specific date and price for this new iPad version has not yet surfaced, but the game is expected soon.

Source: IGN

Author: Brian Hoss

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