Toshiba is the First to Unveil Glasses-Free 3D Sets

Posted Tue Oct 5, 2010 at 11:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

And yes, they're incredibly expensive.

Toshiba has just announced a pair of 3D televisions that don't require the use of glasses. They're cool, but expensive. Not just expensive – OLED expensive.

You can pick up a 12 inch model with a 466 x 350 resolution – no, we're not sure why either – at a price of 120,000 yen, or around $1,440. Not satisfied with a tiny set? You'll have the chance to go bigger with the strangely shaped 720p capable 20GL1 for just 240,000 yen, or $2,880.

Obviously, these sets are only geared towards the very early adopter and are priced for that audience. It could be a very good start though, if the 3D effect is really up to snuff. At the very least, it makes the $300 3DS look like a steal.

Source: Engadget

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