Massive 'Witcher 3' Patch Is Live For PC And PS4

Posted Fri Jun 5, 2015 at 09:58 AM PDT by
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt News

My God. It's full of FIXES.

Yes, indeed, folks. CD Projekt Red has finally released a giant patch, fixing up some of 'Witcher 3's most egregious errors. The list of patches reads like a Bible, so, just have a quick jump over here, and go download the glory that is a fitter, happier, more productive 'Witcher 3.'

The patch is currently available for PC (1.05) and PS4 (1.04). CD Projekt RED has promised the the Xbox One patch is forthcoming. Hold your horses a little while longer. Literally.

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Source: CD Projeckt RED

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