Nordic Games Unleashes Four House of Tales Games

Posted Tue Apr 7, 2015 at 12:01 PM PDT by
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There will be adventure games.

Along with stoking the fires of the THQ brand, Nordic Games continues to push the adventure game genre. The publisher's latest move is the addition of four House of Tales adventure games to Steam. For adventure game fans and would-be fans this is something of a treasure trove... or maybe just a fun museum (of recent tiles) exhibit. While the prices for each title range from $4-$15, there are discounts available from now until April 10th.

Get those point and click skills ready!

First up, there is '15 Days' (found here).

Then there is the futuristic 'The Moment of Silence' (found here).

There's also the Scotland-esque 'The Mystery of Druids' (found here).

And finally, the violent 'Overclocked' (found here).

Source: Nordic Games

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