NBA 2K16 Pro-Am Trailer Highlights Matchmaking Speed And Customization Options Of Online Game Mode

Posted Sun Aug 2, 2015 at 08:59 AM PDT by
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It's like a pick-up game except everyone has the same jersey with a picture of Steph Curry on it.

2K Games has released a new trailer for 'NBA 2K16' that shows off the game's Pro-Am game mode. This online multiplayer mode allows you to send your MyPlayer to a pick-up game with nine other players. If you're just solo-queuing, you can check out a rec center filled with adjacent courts and players setting up games. You can also get together a team of your own and head to a full-sized arena. All locations abide by full NBA rules, complete with time-outs and fouls.

The trailer brags that matchmaking in this mode is instantaneous, with no waiting involved. Pro-Am will also include daily, monthly, and all-time leaderboards so the best teams will reap the recognition they deserve.

Players who are interested in creating their own branding for their all-star team will be pleased to know that Pro-Am comes with a whole suite of customization options that let players create their own home courts, logos, and jerseys. Whether you want to recreate your hometown court in the digital world or try to intimidate visiting teams by plastering Steph Curry's face all over your court and jerseys, the possibilities exist in Pro-Am.

You can check out the 'NBA 2K16' Pro-Am announcement trailer below.

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