Pachter: No Price Drops for Xbox One & PS4 At E3, Xbox One Price Likely to Be $399 Later This Year

Posted Mon Jun 8, 2015 at 11:24 AM PDT by
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Pachter is going to Pacht.

Any expectation of a price drop from either Sony or Microsoft on their newest consoles should be set aside, this according to Wedbush's Michael Pachter (via Analyst Pachter is basically renowned for guessing at business moves in the game industry, and his predications are general laced with derision that concern all companies involved. In this case, he sees the Xbox One and PS4 sticking at their price points. In fact, he sees the $50 cut currently on offer for the Xbox One evaporating before the holidays.

From Michael Pachter, "We do not expect price cuts for the Xbox One or PS4. We do not expect Microsoft to permanently cut the price of the Xbox One without Kinect from $399, instead focusing on compelling bundles with first- and third-party content, with some of the applicable games included as free pack-ins... Although the price of the Xbox One has been discounted by $50 for much of 2015, we believe that the price will revert back to $399 by the time that the holidays arrive, particularly if sales pick up."

Naturally, with the sales success of both consoles thus far, new bundles and new hard drives sizes are predicted as the kind of incentives for new buyers with nary a price cut to be seen. Pachter is calling for E3 price cuts for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but this is more of a they should do this rather than they will do this analysis.


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