'Pinball FX2' Will Be Cross Buy On Windows 10 With Xbox One

Posted Wed Mar 4, 2015 at 12:30 PM PST by
Pinball FX2

This is a big move.

Ever since the public unveiling of Windows 10, and even further back to the first talk of the Xbox One, Microsoft has talked about how the Xbox One and PCs in the home could come together in different ways. But cool tech demos and interactivity aside, making software cross buy between the Xbox One and Windows 10 has to be one of the most solid and laudable moves to date. Today, Zen Studios revealed that thraugh the [email protected] self-publishing program, their 'Pinball FX2' platform will be cross buy between Windows 10 and the Xbox One devices. Buy a table once and enjoy across the two Microsoft platforms.

Windows 10 cross buy Xbox One

From Mel Kirk, VP of Publishing at Zen Studios, "Zen Studios has a history of collaboration with Microsoft, so being able to work with them on this launch title for Windows 10 is a fantastic opportunity. We’ve loved what we’ve seen so far out of the operating system and being able to allow our Xbox One fans to import their tables to Windows 10 is something that gets us excited! We love providing extra value to players, and supporting their purchases across both Xbox One and Windows 10 is as good a value as you can get."

The PS4, PS3, and Vita counterparts have had cross buy for some time (though the purchase does need to originate on the PS3), and there was some concern when the 'Pinball FX2' first appeared on the Xbox One that 360 'Pinball FX2' owners would be left out in the cold. Those issues were cleared up quickly, and today's announcement really shows how some things are changing for the better.

Certainly, Zen Studios is do credit for initiating such a move, but they won't be the last. Expect several plucky indie developers to blaze a trail between the Xbox One and Windows 10. Perhaps some day, the big publishers will take note and follow suit.

Source: Zen Studios

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