Jonathan Blow's 'The Witness' Arrives on Xbox One Next Month

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Jonathan Blow's 'The Witness' Arrives on Xbox One Next Month

Thekla Inc.'s game is set to puzzle more players.

In January, Thekla Inc. released 'The Witness,' the latest puzzle game from 'Braid' creator Jonathan Blow, on PlayStation 4 and PC. Now Xbox One owners will be able to experience the difficult title, as it's set to release September 13th on Microsoft's all-in-one games and entertainment system

Despite the wait, the Xbox One version of 'The Witness' will cost $39.99, just like its PS4 and PC counterparts. High-Def Digest's Levi van Tine reviewed the PC version of the game in January of this year, you can read his review to find out more.

Check out Xbox One release trailer below:

On, Jonathan Blow offered some advice for new players. "This is a game containing a lot of surprises. I recommend going into it without spoilers. If you get stuck, or something seems difficult, you can turn around and go somewhere else, and come back to the hard problem later," said Blow. "Elsewhere on the island you might find clues to the thing you’re stuck on, and you may have a very enjoyable experience when you make the right connections. On the other hand, if you look for answers in online videos and online forums, you’re likely to have an empty experience — you’ll know the answer, but you will have skipped over the good part of the experience. The most enjoyable part of this game is what happens in your mind when connections come together."

'The Witness' is out now on PlayStation 4 and PC. It releases on Xbox One September 13th.

Source: Xbox Wire

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