Voice Cast for 'The Witness' Announced

Posted Thu Jan 14, 2016 at 08:36 AM PST by
The Witness news

Ellie and Hermes, together at last.

Jonathan Blow, creator of 'Braid' has announced the voice cast for his upcoming open world puzzle game 'The Witness', and the cast is quite lovely. The game will star Ashley Johnson (Ellie in 'The Last of Us', 'Blindspot'), Phil LaMarr (Vamp in 'Metal Gear Solid 2', Hermes on 'Futurama), Matthew Waterson ('The Order: 1886', 'Fallout 4'), and Terra Deva (part of the Swiss band 'Shakedown'). Blow has stated that despite the voice cast, the game doesn't tell a traditional story, and that you'll still need to explore and read between the lines to work out what's going on.

I'm particularly fond of Ashley Johnson and Phil LaMarr, both of whom are really fantastic actors who do a ton of great work, but overall, this is definitely an interesting cast, and I'm looking forward to hearing them when 'The Witness' releases later this year.

Source: Jonathan Blow

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