Hey, Sony's Having A Summer Sale Too

Posted Fri Jun 24, 2016 at 01:36 PM PDT by
PlayStation Sale News

Quality over quantity!

In case Playstation folks were feeling in any way left out of the fun of buying tons of games that you never beat, don't worry, Sony's got you covered with a tiny Flash Sale this weekend.

Sony's sale is a bit lighter on the heavy hitters--though 'Arkham Knight' for $12 and 'Mad Max' for $16 are nothing to sneeze at--but many are pretty good "In Case You Missed It" titles worth a splurge, like 'Walking Dead: Michonne', a bundle with both 'Surgeon Simulator' and 'I Am Bread', 'Child of Light: Ultimate Edition', underplayed visual novels 'Steins: Gate' and 'Zero Escape' on Vita.

Head over to the Playstation Store to check out the wares. Sony's sale goes until the 27th.

Source: Playstation Store

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