'This War Of Mine: The Little Ones' Hits Consoles With New Launch Trailer

Posted Sun Jan 31, 2016 at 12:22 PM PST by

See the world of warfare through the eyes of a child.

'This War of Mine,' the somber indie game that looks at the true costs of war, has made its debut on consoles as 'This War of Mine: The Little Ones,' and the developers have released a launch trailer to underline what the game is all about.

The PS4 and Xbox One releases are not simple ports of the original title. 'The Little Ones' has added in for the console market a new facet of conflict: its effect on children. Developer 11 bit studios notes on the game's website that even in the face of war, "kids are still kids," and this theme is highlighted in the launch trailer.

If you're a fan of the original game on PC and want to experience the new 'Little Ones' content, you may be waiting for some time. As Eurogamer reported, the 11 bit studios team is working on other projects, like mod support for PC players, and is reportedly not currently working on bringing 'The Little Ones' to players outside the console market.

You can check out the 'Little Ones' launch trailer below.

Source: 11 bit studios

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