'This War Of Mine' 2.0 Adds Modding Tools For Custom Scenarios, Weapons, And More

Posted Sun Dec 13, 2015 at 09:04 AM PST by

Surviving a war-torn wasteland seems like it would get a lot easier once you mod in some superguns.

The 2.0 update for 11 bit studios' 'This War of Mine' is now live on Steam and has added in a new suite of modding tools to make your survival experience a bit more personal, or maybe just a bit more fun.

The new tools allow players to create their own scenarios, customizing the weather conditions, the duration of the war, and other parameters. Other opportunities for modding include adding new items, weapons, crafting recipes, and visits.

The update also supports adding custom sounds and music, so you're now more than welcome to set your struggle for survival to the sounds of some more uplifitng tracks if you think that the complete breakdown of civilization could do with a more upbeat atmosphere.

Source: 11 bit studios

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