'The Banner Saga 2' Adds Survival Mode To Test Players' Battle Chops

Posted Sun Jun 26, 2016 at 09:29 AM PDT by

Fight until you drop.

'The Banner Saga 2' has added a new game mode for its PC players. Survival Mode allows players to take a team of six heroes into the fray and see how long they can stand against endless waves of dredge, varl, and other opponents.

In Survival Mode, players form their team of six from the game's cast of characters and begin their final stand. Each battle earns players Renown and one item they can equip to keep their fighters strong. Players can use earned Renown to level up their heroes and recruit new ones should one of their original fighters fall.

Progress in Survival Mode is saved, but reloads are limited. Players start with three reloads and earn an additional one for every five victories.

You can read more in the mode's Steam announcement.

Source: Steam

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