'System Shock' Remake Meets Kickstarter Funding Goal

Posted Mon Jul 11, 2016 at 06:05 AM PDT by
System Shock News

Nears $1 Million in funding.

Night Dive's remake of the classic RPG shooter 'System Shock' has met its funding goal of $900000 on Kickstarter, ensuring that the game will be made, targeting a release window of Holiday 2017 on PC and Xbox One, with the studio open to other platforms in the future. While the project started as a simple remaster, the developers eventually began discussing the idea of remaking the game from the ground up, leading to the Kickstarter campaign becoming a necessity. Additionally, staff such as Chris Avellone and Robb Waters were brought on to the project, meaning it should end up fairly different to the original game.

System Shock News

System Shock News

As a big fan of the atmosphere of the original games, they have sadly aged more than a little poorly in places, so I'm glad that this did turn into a full remake rather than a simple remaster, and I can't wait to see it further as it develops. For those curious, a free demo is still readily available to play here.

Source: Night Dive Studios

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