New 'Watch Dogs 2' Gameplay Shows Off Hacking Abilities And Parkour System

Posted Mon Jun 13, 2016 at 03:22 PM PDT by

The world is yours to explore.

As you could have predicted, Ubisoft gave some stage time during its E3 news conference for an extended look at gameplay for 'Watch Dogs 2,' releasing later this year.

The demo begins with a demonstration of new protagonist Marcus Holloway's street-level hacking abilities. He briefly takes control of a car to spin it out of control then sends texts to every cellphone in the vicinity to serve as a handy little distraction. After pausing to show players the open-world setup of the game's many missions, which can be discovered and completed at the player's leisure, the demo takes Marcus to a swanky penthouse to dig up some dirt on a politician.

Within the penthouse, Marcus shows off a combination of hacking, stealth, and combat abilities, which the players can use in whatever way they wish to complete objectives. Marcus even has a handy quadcopter and wheeled drone for easy recon.

After a not-quite-subtle infiltration, Marcus takes his leave with a flashy and even less subtle exit after vaulting over a couple of barriers.

After the demo, Ubisoft mentioned that, thanks to a deal between the publisher and Sony, PS4 players will get 'Watch Dogs 2' DLC 30 days before other platforms.

You can see the 11 minutes of gameplay for yourself below, and you can find the latest info on 'Watch Dogs 2' linked from our Video Game Release Schedule.

Source: Ubisoft

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