First 'Civilization VI' Patch Closes Exploits, Adds UI Updates And AI Fixes

Posted Sun Nov 20, 2016 at 09:46 AM PST by

RIP Scythian horse economy.

'Civilization VI' developer Firaxis has released the game's first big patch, and it touches on everything from sizable bug fixes to small graphical bonuses.

In addition to two new maps and a new multiplayer scenario, a couple of notable balance changes are included in the new patch. Units can no longer be deleted when they aren't at full health, and deleting units no longer provides gold, stopping players from scrapping wounded units to deny opponents the benefits of defeating them and earn a good bit of gold on the side.

Further, policies that increased production of horse units have been weakened, closing one exploit that allowed the Scythian civilization, which has a built-in bonus for cavalry production, to produce several horse units quickly then immediately sell them for a huge gold profit. Other exploits, like sending builder units far away to chop distant forests outside of a player's territory for cheap early-game production, have likewise been closed.

The game's AI, a source of contention in the game's community, has also received some attention in the patch. AI-controlled players should now be more competitive in terms of fielding a modern military and earning both science and tourism. Diplomacy with AI players has been further refined in that friendly civs will stay friendlier for longer, and declaring a joint war with another civilization will no longer incur warmonger penalties with that civilization.

The patch has updated some of the game's user interface as well. The game's leader selection screen, victory screen, espionage menu, and Great Person menu have all been updated, among others, and players will now be able to see which tiles their cities will naturally expand to next.

You can find a full list of changes and fixes in the patch notes posted to Steam.

Source: Firaxis

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