Yep, Konami's Pretty Much Done With Consoles

Posted Fri Sep 18, 2015 at 09:00 AM PDT by

Multiple sources confirming publisher has ceased AAA development.

Given everything we've learned about the complete rot that's set into Konami on the corporate side, nobody should be surprised by the reports stemming from a French game blog (which have since been quietly confirmed by Eurogamer) that, except for the yearly 'Pro Evolution Soccer' cashgrab, Konami is 100% done with console development. 

This is primarily evidenced by their production slate, which, for any serious publisher, has multiple, planned titles, some of which never even come to fruition, stretching out into the next two-to-three years. Apparently, Konami's slate includes 'Pro Evolution Soccer', some costume DLC for 'Metal Gear Solid V', ongoing work on 'Metal Gear Online' and....that's it. The rumor's bolstered, however, by an announcement this week that Julien Merceron, the technical director who oversaw creation of the Fox Engine powering 'MGS V', 'P.T.', and 'PES', had left the company, and Rika Muranaka, who should be pretty familiar to 'MGS' fans as the performer for that series' vocal theme songs, as well as 'I Am The Wind" from 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night', responded to the rumors on Twitter stating "it's pretty, I can't write music to any of AAA games..well, I need to find another AAA game company."

In the wake of these developments, one can always take heart that Konami will continue to treat its best and beloved properties with respect and dignity.

Source:, Eurogamer, Twitter

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