'Evolve' Announces 'Hunting Season 2' DLC, Releases New Assault Gameplay Video

Posted Sun Jun 21, 2015 at 09:39 AM PDT by

Let's hope none of the Hunters are arachnophobic.

'Evolve' developer Turtle Rock Studios recently announced its second wave of new additions to its asymmetrical shooter. Four new Hunters and one new Monster are on their way, with the first new character dropping Tuesday, June 23.

The first new character to see the light of day will be Lennox, an Assault character with a unique melee weapon. When she's not using her Autocannon to lay down consistent damage or her Thunder Strike to quickly move around the map, Lennox can use her Plasma Lance to do impressive damage in close quarters. The damage her lance does also increases with each successive hit in a given time frame, allowing Lennox to rack up as much as a 4x multiplier for her melee damage.

Three other new Hunters and a new Monster are also in the works at Turtle Rock. Based on the silhouettes that Turtle Rock has teased the community with, the new Monster looks to be some sort of human-spider hybrid.

All five characters will be available in the upcoming 'Hunting Season 2' DLC pack. Players who buy all five characters this way will receive an exclusive skin for each of them. If you want to buy characters individually, expect to pay around $7.49 for each Hunter and $14.99 for the Monster, if the game's current pricing structure is anything to go by. It's more difficult to predict the price of the 'Hunting Season 2' pack, since the original 'Hunting Season Pass' didn't include a Monster.

You can check out Lennox in the official gameplay reveal below.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios

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