Get Those PS4 Back-ups Ready, Today is the PS4 Pro Launch Day

Posted Thu Nov 10, 2016 at 08:15 AM PST by
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Deal options are slim.

Today, Sony finally makes good on the promise of the PS4 Pro (aka the Neo or the PS4K), the plus version of the PS4 which promises benefits for 4K TVs and for PS VR. (But sadly not Ultra HD Blu-ray. See all of the announced PS4 Pro features here.)

While deals and bundles for the PS4 Slim abound, the PS4 Pro has been positioned exactly as the kind of new hardware to target early adopters.

The price is $399.99. No games are included.

PS4 Pro box launch day

Many existing PS4 titles are getting free PS4 Pro mode updates, and new games going forward pretty much have to offer a PS4 Pro mode.

Deals on the PS4 Pro haven't really been forthcoming, and even the early Black Friday looks appear to neglect the new hardware. What I did, was to pick one up at Target and thanks to the RedCard and a spend $100 get a $10 gift card coupon, I was able to get the price down to $380 plus get a $10 Target Gift card. (Update: By using Target's Kids Wish List app, managed to save another 10%.).

It's also worth point outing that those going from a PS4 to a PS4 Pro can transfer their data directly using a LAN cable, or, as I have chosen to do, use an external hard drive to backup the PS4 (1TB) data and then restore it to the PS4 Pro. (Just like how it is described here.) These processes can take hours depending on how much data is transferred. Failing these options, the user can use PlayStation Plus to upload and download their save data.

PS4 Pro Unboxed Top Front

Here's the PS4 Pro as installed in my entertainment center. It's right next to the PS VR Processor Unit. (Note for the sack of a throrough process, the Processor Unit is not currently connected to the PS4 Pro. That will change later.)

PS4 Pro PS VR Installed

PS4 Pro

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