Alien: Isolation and Others Heavily Discounted In Massive Sega Sale Currently Live On Steam

Posted Fri Mar 27, 2015 at 06:39 AM PDT by
Alien: Isolation

Sale part of Publisher Weekend

If you've been holding out for a price drop to take the plunge on Creative Assembly's nerve-wracking 'Alien' title, this weekend is your time to strike. ('Alien: Isolation' review here.)

Sega is this week's subject of Steam's Publisher Weekend, which has over 30 of Sega's biggest and best titles currently on the service discounted anywhere from 30% to 75% till March 30th, including an $80 Super Bundle that includes just about every major classic Sega game worth having.

Among the discounted is 'Alien: Isolation' which gets a massive 75% price drop to $12.49, which is a total steal for one of last year's best titles. The Season Pass is also part of the sale for $14.99, HOWEVER, as an important note, it does NOT include the Crew Expendable DLC, in which Sigourney Weaver and most of the original cast reprise their roles from the first film. That DLC is also on sale till the 30th for a cool $2, but it's strangely not shown on the Publisher's Weekend page.

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