'Street Fighter V's Story Mode Gets A Launch Trailer

Posted Thu Jun 30, 2016 at 10:54 AM PDT by
Street Fighter V Shadow Falls

Old-schoolers: No 'Double Dragon' references intended.

Just over the wire of the original promise of delivering in June, Capcom will be releasing a massive update tomorrow. Along with adding Balrog and Ibuki to the roster, as well as adding new currency and an in-game microtransaction shop, the game will also be getting, at last, its single-player campaign.

Called 'A Shadow Falls', the mode will be filling in the time period between 'Street Fighter IV' and 'V' with a nefarious plot by M. Bison to...well, he's M. Bison, we know what he does. It might be better to let Capcom themselves fill you in, as they've released a brand new trailer for the single-player, showing off the cutscenes, an increasingly swole Bison, evil Charlie, and a hellofalot more. Have a look below.

Source: Capcom

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