You Might Want To Hold Off On Buying 'WWE 2K16's DLC

Posted Thu Jan 28, 2016 at 10:22 AM PST by
WWE 2K16 news

2K reporting game breaking glitch.

A new DLC pack was just released for 2K's brand spanking new WWE game this week, which allowed players to play as Samoa Joe, Blake, Murphy and Los Matadores. Which is quite tempting for fans of some off WWE's new blood, and for the love of all the angels, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT..

2K has pointed out there is a glitch with the DLC on their forums, stating "an issue some users are experiencing with Universe Mode save data connected to the Future Stars Pack DLC." Which is, apparently, a diplomatic way of saying "downloading this will completely corrupt your save data." many of the forum's members point out the bug wipes out virtually everything: rosters, rivalries, the whole nine The issue is currently only affecting Xbox One and PS4 owners, so, previous gen folks should be okay. If you've already downloaded the DLC, though, you may want to maybe not play the game until 2K issues a patch, which should be coming fairly quick,

In other news, WWE just signed a multi-year deal with 2K to continue the series. Yay?

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