The Kids Aren't Alright: 'This War Of Mine' Comes To Consoles With 'The Little Ones' In Tow

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This War of Mine The Little Ones

Critically acclaimed PC title shuffles off to consoles in 2016

'This War of Mine' is a harsh experience, about keeping a small, unraveled group of people alive, fed, and sane during wartime. It's a game you'll play about as often as you watch 'Grave of the Fireflies', which is to say, around the time you need a reason to hit the bottle pretty hard. But, without a doubt, it's a game that SHOULD be played. It's an important, human experience unlike anything on PC.

Of course, if maybe you'd prefer to play on a console, you might want to hold out until next year, which is when 11bit Studios will be releasing 'This War of Mine: The Little Ones' on PS4 and Xbox One. The console versions will include all of the game's previously released DLC, as well as the new scenario, in which you are placed in charge of not just adults, but children, who will need to not just be fed, but spoken to, entertained, and taught. Because yes, there is always a way someone could possibly make losing 'This War of Mine' even more tragic.

To announce the console ports, 11bit have released a cool little cel-shaded trailer, showing kids still being kids, while trapped in the unnamed war zone of the game. Regretfully, the only rock music to survive the collapse will be The Offspring, and the song that makes it isn't Gone Away. War is hell.

'This War of Mine: The Little Ones' hits January 29th.

You can find the latest info on 'This War of Mine: The Little Ones' linked from our Video Game Release Schedule.

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