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Fifteen new titles are in the works for Blu-ray.

In an early announcement to retailers, ClassicFlix has announced its upcoming lineup of Blu-ray titles. Though exact release dates have not been announced, the discs are expected to arrive this summer.

Tomorrow Is Forever - Claudette Colbert, Orson Welles, George Brent and Natalie Wood star in this moving, romantic drama about a soldier, previously thought lost in action, who returns years later to find his wife remarried.

Nightmare (1956) - A New Orleans musician has a nightmare about killing a man in a strange house but he suspects that it really happened.

The Killer Is Loose - An unhinged, deceptively mild-mannered bank robber escapes prison, seeking revenge on the cop who accidentally killed his wife during a gun battle.

Five Steps to Danger - Cold War espionage: On a fishing trip, Sterling Hayden's car breaks down. Ruth Roman gives him a lift. She is en route to drop off coded secrets to a scientist.

The Noose Hangs High - In this slapstick farce, legendary comedians Abbott & Costello are window washers mistaken for messengers who are sent to collect $50,000 in cash by a gangster, with zany results.

He Walked by Night - This film-noir piece, told in semi-documentary style, follows police on the hunt for a resourceful criminal who shoots and kills a cop.

Crime of Passion - Kathy leaves the newspaper business to marry homicide detective Bill but is frustrated by his lack of ambition and the banality of life in the suburbs. Her drive to advance Bill's career soon takes her down a dangerous path.

Casanova Brown - In this hilarious romantic comedy, Gary Cooper gets a lesson in diapers and formula after stealing his child from his ex-wife (Teresa Wright), who had plans to give it up for adoption.

Along Came Jones - A good-natured saddle tramp traveling with his sidekick, is mistaken for a ruthless outlaw with a price on his head.

You Only Live Once - The public defender's secretary and an ex-convict get married and try to make a life together, but a series of disasters sends their lives spiraling out of control

 - Dennis O'Brien is a treasury agent determined to bring a counterfeiting ring to justice. O'Brien and his partner Tony Genaro go undercover to gain the confidence of the ruthless Detroit mob responsible for the phony money.

Sundown - During World War II, a mysterious native woman (Gene Tierney) arrives with her caravans at a remote British Army outpost in East Africa, and proceeds to assist the soldiers in their fight against the Nazis.

Stand-In - A former child star falls in love with a stuffy accountant, who wants to learn why his firm's movie studio is losing money.

Raw Deal - In this film noir classic a revenge-seeking gangster (Dennis O'Keefe) is sent to prison after being framed for a crime he didn't commit. After seducing a beautiful young woman he uses her to help him carry out his plot for vengeance leading him to the crazy pyromaniac (Raymond Burr) who set him up.

The Crystal Ball - A beauty contestant (Paulette Goddard) fills in for a fortuneteller and changes a lawyer's (Ray Milland) future with a rich widow (Virginia Field).

Specs and supplements have not been detailed yet.

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