YouTube Launching a Game Channel with an Indie and eSports Focus

Posted Thu Nov 3, 2011 at 05:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

In addition to pro gaming, you'll see reality shows, news shows and celebrity gamers.

It's nice to see videogames getting some love when big companies look for their newest shows. Of course, it makes sense - numbers are high for eSports streams and there's no reason that YouTube wouldn't want a piece of the action.

START, YouTube's upcoming videogame channel, will feature one of the most well polished eSports competitions around - the IGN Pro League. The IPL has a strong 'StarCraft II' focus but they've been getting into 'League of Legends' a bit too.

In addition to competitive gaming, YouTube will be creating a few originals including 'The Next Game Boss,' which will make indie developers face off reality show style for funding. 'Game Over' will be a weekly news wrapup and 'Celebrity Assassin' will feature famous people playing videogames. No, we're serious - that's the show.

Source: Kotaku

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