Xbox One Unveiled as the Ultimate All-in-One Entertainment System

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the Xbox One

The unveiling was streamed live from Microsoft's Redmond campus.

Today, Don Mattrick announced the XBOX ONE. After nearly eight years of the 360 and the emergence of Xbox LIVE as an entertainment and social platform, Microsoft was quick to pitch the new system as the future of living room.

The new Xbox One was presented with a list of specs including 8GB RAM, an 8 Core CPU, a Blu-ray drive, USB 3.0 and a 500GB Hard Drive. The system was described as being controlled through three different means, including the new Kinect sensor, the new controller, and SmartGlass.

The system contains a hybrid operating system whose upswing is said to allow for instantaneous switching between games and other applications. Also, applications can be developed without the need to adhere to the gaming OS, a distinction for the new system that makes app development seem closer to a Windows like experience.

The new controller sticks close to the 360 controller design, but with an internal battery, corrected d-pad, and app-switching buttons in place of the back and start buttons. According to Microsoft, the changes are among some 40 overall design changes to the controller.

The entire event preceded promised E3 reveals, and had a lot of time focused on entertainment options like instant on Kinect controls, and user-specific game and entertainment selection derived from user habits. The system was described as a way to make the TV more intelligent and make the living room experience "simple, instant, and complete."

The system contains both an HDMI out and HDMI in, and has the ability to DVR games. The new achievement system was described as dynamic.

Some of the games featured for the system include EA Sports' 'FIFA', 'Forza 5', 'Quantum Break' (a new title from Remedy), and of course the highlight, 'Call of Duty: Ghosts.' The 'Ghosts' footage was important enough to preclude any sort of conclusion for the briefing, and the sudden ending was less than ideal.

A new HALO TV series involving Steven Spielberg was teased, but more importantly, Microsoft promised that the new system would get 15 exclusives with 8 new franchises in the first year.

This system was described as being available "later this year," presumably during the holiday period. System pricing was not mentioned.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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