'Dead Rising 3' Takes the Series to a Bigger and More Serious Locale

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Dead Rising 3

Can the Xbox One reignite the series?

When Microsoft revealed the Xbox One exclusive 'Dead Rising 3' during its E3 conference, the immediate reaction was more undead than alive. Capcom's mixture of zombie horror and sandbox gameplay made for an impressive Xbox 360 title back in 2006. The game was a great example of something that did not seem like it could have been realized in the previous console generation.

Fast forward to 'Dead Rising 3' and it looks like some of the charm has departed, while the scale of the game has grown. 'Dead Rising 3' sees the player take the role of Nick Ramos. This time around, the devastated town of Los Perdidos, California is the sandbox. The player has the ability to craft new weapons any time anywhere, providing that the immediate is not full of zombies. Much like 'Dark Souls,' 'Dead Rising' leaves the player exposed when opening up menus. While the game is full of crazy crafting combinations, the player will need to find schematics first before making weapons like a combination sledgehammer buzzsaw.

The step up in tech seems to have come with a serious tone and grittier look. The hope though is that also some of the prior installment's bugs and general repetition in AI behavior will be a thing of the past.

Time will tell if 'Dead Rising 3' has strayed too far from its origins, but the series will once again stand up as an early example of a new generation of hardware.

'Dead Rising 3' is set to release alongside the Xbox One in November and is available to pre-order.

Source: Eurogamer

Author: Brian Hoss

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