Xbox Entertainment Studios Stepping Up TV Programming

Posted Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 09:30 AM PST by
Xbox Numbers

2013 will see the launch of more than 40 new voice-controlled customized TV apps for the Xbox.

With Microsoft now touting its 76 million worldwide Xbox 360 user-base, the company is aligned to affect how entertainment time in the living room is consumed. Nancy Tellum, former head of CBS, has been Microsoft's president of entertainment and digital media, and now also heads the newly formed, LA-based Xbox Entertainment studios. “We believe that we are at the start of the next wave of truly interactive entertainment.”

Tellum's recent efforts include overseeing live event feeds on the platform including the Elections 2012 Hub on Xbox Live, which invoked some 3 million in answers to on-screen questions during just one of the debates. More recently, Xbox aired an interactive red carpet experience for the Grammy Awards and plans to do something similar for the Oscars.

Other recent Xbox TV examples include Kinect Sesame Street TV and the more versatile NUads, interactive ads that are already claiming a 37 percent engagement rate. Presumably, Microsoft's new console, rumored to mandate usage of a new, bundled Kinect sensor, will attempt even greater strides in converting Xbox Live users into Xbox Entertainment respondents.

Source: Microsoft