Xbox 360 'Battlefield 3' Texture Pack Isn't Mandatory, But it Should Be

Posted Mon Oct 24, 2011 at 07:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

Without the texture pack installed, 'Battlefield' on the 360 looks like you're playing on the Wii.

Every single PS3 that was ever sold came with a hard drive. The same goes, obviously, for PCs. Things are different with the Xbox 360 though. Some models pack massive hard drives and others were sold with no internal storage at all. That's caused a bit of an issue with 'Battlefield 3.'

'Battlefield 3' comes with an HD texture pack that makes everything look, well, like it should. If you're a PS3 or PC player you probably didn't even notice because the installation is mandatory. When you put in the game, the pack installs and you can get on with your experience.

On the Xbox 360, the installation of the texture pack is optional, but boy does the game look crappy without it. It's like jumping down to the Wii or sooner. Guns lack detail, text is unreadable and wheels have eight sides - seriously they're not round.

Check out the YouTube link below to get a glimpse of the absolutely ridiculous non-texture packed version of 'Battlefield 3.'

Source: WikiGameGuides

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