The Xbox One Will Launch in November at $499

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The Xbox One at E3

Launch price among many revelations at E3 broadcast.

Microsoft showed footage of a number of games, some known, some rumored and some new today at E3. A new smaller 360 launches this week, but likely the biggest single peice of information is the system's launch price. It launches at $499 in November 2013 and surprisingly also at 499 Euros and 429 Pounds respectively.

Microsoft also announced that Xbox Gold Members would be receiving tow free games a month from now until the launch of the Xbox One. The first two games are 'Assassin's Creed 2' and 'Halo 3.' The free digital copies should seem familiar to PS Plus users.

Games for the 360 include 'Metal Gear Solid V; The Phantom Pain,' 'World of Tanks 360 Edition,' 'Max the Curse of Brotherhood.' The Xbox One lineup included 'Ryse: Son of Rome,' 'Killer Instinct,' 'Sunset Overdrive' from Insomniac, 'Forza 5' with new Drivatar AI system, 'Minecraft,' 'Quantum Break' (which has TV show connection,) 'D4' from Swery65 of 'Deadly Premonition,' 'Crimson Dragon,' 'Dead Rising 3' (an Xbox One exclusive), 'Battlefield 4: Second Assault,' 'Below,' a new 'Halo' (set for 2104) and Respawn's 'Titanfall.'

Microsoft also showed off their SmartGlass-enabled Project Smart, which allows players to make and distribute games.

Twitch TV integration, a feature of the Xbox One, was demonstrated in 'Killer Instinct.' Also SmartGlass abilities, such queuing a 'Killer Instinct lobby on a tablet while playing 'Ryse: Son of Rome' were showcased.

The launch of the Xbox One will see a few other new developments for the Xbox ecosystem. Finally, there will be no more Microsoft Points, and instead real money prices will be the norm. Friend list limits will be increased from 100. Also, the new system will allow a single Gold membership to be shared with a household.

As of today, the Xbox One is available for pre-order.

Details on the new games announced and reaction to the new system's pricing can be found in the ongoing live blogging occurring in the HD Digest forums.

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