CVG Calls Out The Current Xbox 360 Interface

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Current Xbox 360 Dashboard Interface

The article scathingly details why after one year "the Metro experiment is regarded by many as a failure," and details how the interface's greatest strength on other platforms (phones, tablets, etc.) has been perverted into its greatest flaw on the Xbox 360.

CVG's article begins by detailing the history of interfaces on the Xbox 360 including the "fondly recall(ed)" 'blades' Dashboard, and 2008's New Dashboard Experience.

The New Dashboard Experience or NXE is described as having brought on important fixes but also for fixing "yet another 'problem' by freeing up space for advertising and promotion."

Glossing over Windows 8's own unhappy user base, the article explains that in contrast to where on a Windows Phone, Surface, or Windows 8, the interface allows the user to create a homepage full of apps relevant to the user, the Xbox 360 version is "closed," the user is "stuck with what Microsoft gives you," and turns "the Xbox into an ad delivery machine."

The article also states that the "three left-hand squares are the only practical panels on each page. Less than 15% of the screen is available for things you use regularly; the rest is reserved for advertising."

The article also presents a mock-up of an ideal 360 Dashboard, described as a "simple homepage with nine bold panels, easily 'touchable' with Kinect or controller," and "stripping the 360's UI down to bare essentials and making everything accessible on one page."

The article, not far off from the current 360 interface, does not mention HD-DVD.

Source: CVG

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