'Earthbound' and 'Pikmin 3' Headline Nintendo Wii U Announcements

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Pikmin 3

Next week's Wii U system update brings new features in addition to improved load times.

The SNES classic 'Earthbound,' know as 'Mother 2' in Japan, was recently made available in Japan as one of the thirtieth anniversary Famicom Virtual Console teaser games. After much fan vocalization, Nintendo has announced that 'Earthbound' will be coming to the Virtual Console in North America and Europe before the end of the year.

Nintendo also shared a significant new Pikmin type for 'Pikmin 3' that is different from the rock Pikmin. The new winged Pikmin can fly and carry items essential to the game. Unfortunately, this news comes with the fact that 'Pikmin 3,' which at one point was supposed to launch with the Wii U, has now slipped to August.

Next week Nintendo will release the full spring system update for the Wii U. The update is billed as dramatically improving menu load times, and has several features that should ease the pain of updating both the system and its games. After the update, the Wii U will be able to automatically install software in the background, automatically update games, and be set to shut down after updating. The Wii U will also be able to boot directly into Wii mode by holding the B button down on the GamePad when powering up.

The Virtual Console will finally launch the day after the system update. VC games support GamePad play and will host individual MiiVerse areas.

Several mini-games from 'Game & Wario' were shown, and Nintendo is pushing the idea of single player 'Game & Wario' mini-games that are enjoyable in a group setting. 'Game & Wario' is set for a June 23rd western release date.

Nintendo system update details can be found at 17:45 in following video.

Source: Nintendo

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