Party N: New Wii U Zelda and 'Wind Waker' HD Lead Pack of First Party Games Teased by Nintendo

Posted Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 09:30 AM PST by
Wind Waker in HD for the Wii U

New 3D Mario game, 'Mario Kart' Wii U, and new 'Smash Bros.' all touched upon.

After declaring that January and February would lack for any first party Nintendo games for the Wii U and asking fans for patience, Nintendo teased a number of titles based off of classic Nintendo franchises.

A new 3D Mario game, a new 'Mario Kart,' and a new 'Smash Bros.' were mentioned, but will have to wait until June's E3 for further details. A sequel to 'Kirby's Epic Yarn' starring Yoshi was also revealed.

A new Zelda was discussed briefly with an emphasis on "re-thinking the conventions of Zelda."

Ten years after 'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker' graced the GameCube, the game will return this fall for the Wii U in HD with MiiVerse support amidst other tweaks. The visual upgrade is being described as more than an mere jump in resolution.

One rational behind wanting to release this new version of 'The Wind Waker' is the long period of time necessary to complete the new Zelda title.

Source: Nintendo

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