Nintendo Opens Up the Miiverse to Non-Nintendo Devices

Posted Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 09:00 AM PDT by

Miiverse web access currently in Beta.

While the Wii U struggles, having managed less than 4 million units sold and currently suffering from a severe software shortage, several Nintendo Wii U agenda items are coming online. Today, the Miiverse, Nintendo's Wii U social platform finally grows ever so slightly beyond the Wii U.

Those with Nintendo IDs can log into the Miiverse Beta website, peruse and reply to topics. Those without a Nintendo ID can see a sampling of topics on the website.

The Miiverse is characterized by a number of features, one of the most visibly obvious from the website access is users' ability and tendency to draw pictures using the Wii U GamePad. Less apparent is the Miiverse's game integration. As a social platform, the Miiverse offers highlights accessible by highlighting different Miis as they group around topics. Unfortunately, that aspect is not something available from the current website.

The website can be accessed by mobile devices, however, Nintendo has promised in the past to provide dedicated apps.

The Miiverse launched five months ago with the Wii U, but is only getting a sliver of the access that was promised. Whatever Nintendo's intention was, non-Nintendo Miiverse access is part of a list of items that seem like they should have been available at or close to launch.

Source: Nintendo

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