Warner to Support High-Def DVD with Day-and-Date Catalog Releases

Posted Wed Feb 1, 2006 at 05:59 AM PST by
John Wayne Warner has officially become the first studio to aggressively push catalog titles on high-def DVD. At a press event held in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, the studio announced that they plan to release over two hundred catalog titles in 2006 (up from 181 in 2005, and a record for the studio), and that they will issue a key number of those titles on HD-DVD, day-and-date with their standard DVD counterparts. The studio also reiterated their pledge to support Blu-Ray when that format launches later this year.

Although Warner made no announcements of what supplementary content, if any, will be included on its initial high-def DVD offerings, it did give tantalizing hints at the studio's overall gameplan. “Some high-def titles will have features not available in standard DVD, but not all of them,” said Warner senior VP and general manager of theatrical catalog, Jeff Baker. “Some [standard DVD bonus features] will carry over [to the HD DVD editions]. And some [HD DVD versions] will add material from [initial releases].”

A sampling of the initial titles Warner announced for HD-DVD include a two-disc double dip of the John Wayne classic 'The Searchers,' the Stanley Kubrick faves '2001,' 'The Shining,' 'Clockwork Orange' and an unrated 'Eyes Wide Shut,' and the 14-disc 'Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition,' which reportedly will include the
new extended cut of 'Superman II' director Richard Donner revealed in an interview yesterday. Blu-Ray announcements will be forthcoming with the official launch of that format.
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